Definitions for "Salty"
Keywords:  angry, tempered, adj, irritated, ill
(adj) angry, ill-tempered.
angry, irritated.
one of the four basic taste sensations; like the taste of sea water
One of four basic tasting categories, occurs occasionally in coffee; also can denote presence of chicory in coffee blend.
Flavor like table salt; experienced on the side of the tongue.
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Experts say that some South American wines have salty overtones. But then I've heard of chaps who drop a few grains of salt into a glass and say it's a marked improvement. One day I'll try it...
engagingly stimulating or provocative; "a piquant wit"; "salty language"
Keywords:  denims, ship, tied, wake, ocean
Denims that have been tied to lines and streamed in the ship's wake for a couple of days to get that "salty" look.
An ocean-going ship
Salty is a brand of swimming pool salt chlorinator. We supply gerenic Salty salt cells.
Most cheeses possess some degree of saltiness. Pronounced saltiness is characteristic of specific varieties, however excessive saltiness is a defect. Cheeses lacking in salt are described as dull or flat.
Keywords:  snacks, seasoned, highly, food, word
a word used to describe food and highly seasoned snacks.
containing salt; "a saline solution"; "salty tears"
Somewhat salt; saltish.