Definitions for "Salinity"
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Salinity () is a parameter used in oceanography to describe the concentration of dissolved salts in seawater. The salinity of normal seawater is 35 parts salt per 1000 parts water.
Number of grams of salt per thousand grams of sea water, usually expressed in parts per thousand.
The amount of dissolved salt in the water. Salinity is important because it controls what type of plants can grow, or what types of animals can exist, in a given area. Salt marsh for example grows in water closest to Gulf waters with a high salinity, brackish marsh in the next landward zone followed by fresh marsh and swamps. If the salinity in an area increases, as has happened throughout coastal Louisiana, vegetation dies and erosion follows.
a problem in many areas of the world and nowhere more so than in Australia's Murray/Darling Basin where years of irrigating have created an environmental and economic problem that is devastating the area's farms
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