Definitions for "Salary reduction plan"
A plan allowing employees to contribute pre-tax income to a tax-deferred retirement plan.
Variation on Defined Contribution Plan, with distinctive characteristics. Type of plan depends on the company or organization and may include: (1) 401(k) Plans (corporation or non-profit organization); (2) 403(b) Plans (educational, health care and non-profit tax-exempt organizations); (3) 457 Plans (city, state and municipality employers); (4) Thrift or Savings Plan (federal employees or employers of corporations that offer such a plan); and (5) SIMPLE Plans (employers with 100 employees who offer no other plan).
A CODA is a defined contribution plan that allows participants to have a portion of their compensation (otherwise payable in cash) contributed pre-tax to a retirement account on their behalf. They include 401k, 403b and 457 plans.
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See Reimbursement account.