Definitions for "SAK"
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An Extra Long Staple (ELS) cotton grown in Arizona, Texas, New Mexico and California, with fiber lengths varying in length from 1 1/4 to 1 9/16 inches.
or saki - is a fermented drink made from rice that is very popular in Japan. Although commonly called rice wine, it is actually a beer. Kinpaku-iri sake (saki) contains flakes of real gold. While this adds a touch of extravagance, it doesn't affect the flavor at all.(Ref: Fun Facts: "Would You Believe," item #25)
Saké, the traditional Japanese fermented drink, is brewed like beer from a rice base and served like wine. Oregon’s SakéOne is one of only five saké breweries on U.S. soil. It is also the only U.S. saké brewery located outside of California.
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Dr. S. Arun Kumar, Associate Prof CSE Dept, IIT D.
Statistical Abstract of Karnataka
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