Definitions for "Safety valve"
A device that limits fluid (liquid and gaseous) pressures by discharging some of the pressurized liquid or gas. ( 055)
Provides venting of the tank/receiver if the pressure increases. Typically installed on all air compressor tanks for safety purposes.
A valve which functions to relieve supply pressure, which exceeds a specific level.
usually (but not necessarily) a running back sneaking out to the flat or running a Zero pattern usually late (after initially blocking) to provide an emergency release point for the quarterback in the event of a significant pass rush.
a receiver whose job it is to get open for a short pass in case all other receivers are covered.
A short pass thrown to a running back when the wide receivers are covered.
Outward immigration, repatriation.
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In shower safety taps, this is the device that cuts off the flow of water if the water temperature rises to a level of heat where scalding may be a danger.
Incidents build into a module to be used if the atmosphere and tension levels need to be lowered. Usually a gently humorous event, or a background intrusion such as music.