Definitions for "Sadhu"
a holy man of Hinduism
a good or holy man, saint]. sadhunam [genitive plural
This is essentially the same as a sannyasin. This is a person who renounces life and everything that goes with it (religion, caste, family, etc.) and essentially becomes a wandering hermit seeking moksha.
a man endowed with high spiritual learnings, and holding high religious values
an individual on a spiritual search
An accomplished spiritual seeker. Sadhus usually have no fixed abode and travel from one place to another, most often living on alms. There are countless sadhus on the roads, byways, mountains, riverbanks and caves of India who, by their very existence, have a profound effect on the consciousness of the world.
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See Fakir
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A saintly person.
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a term for a large gauge inner conch piercing, usually with the help of a dermal punch.
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a saint or Krsna conscious person
saadhu]: (exclamation) "It is well"; an expression showing appreciation or agreement.
a strict follower of devotional service