Definitions for "Sadhana"
Sadhana will help you create and train your own personal Yôga practice. Start from scratch or load a practice specifically customized for you, sadhana will assist you indicating by sound and image the correct timing.
Practice, quest.
Tib. Dupthab] method of accomplishment. Tantric liturgy and procedure for practice usually emphasizing the development stage. The typical sadhana structure involves a preliminary part including the taking of refuge and arousing bodhichitta, a main part involving visualization of a Buddha and recitation of mantras, and a concluding part with dedication of merit to all sentient beings
Sadhana (born 1941 in Karachi, Sind, British India) is an Indian Bollywood actress. Her family moved from Karachi during Partition in 1947. Her cousin was actor Hari Shivdasani (father of later actress Babita).
an instrument that leads to a particular goal