Definitions for "SACRAMENT"
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A solemn religious ceremony to which several degrees of authority and significance are attached. Rome has seven sacraments, but the Protestant churches, being less prosperous, feel that they can afford only two, and these of inferior sanctity. Some of the smaller sects have no sacraments at all -- for which mean economy they will indubitable be damned.
The oath of allegiance taken by Roman soldiers; hence, a sacred ceremony used to impress an obligation; a solemn oath-taking; an oath.
The pledge or token of an oath or solemn covenant; a sacred thing; a mystery.
a ritual of work which produces merit
a ritual using cult objects as vehicles of the sacred - which is itself strange, awesome, unfathomable, and ineffable
a ritual enactment or object in which the holy is understood as being immanently present to the participant, as opposed to transcendent and removed.
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See BCP p. 857.
an act that sustains and reinforces our faith
an act which takes place at once on earth and in the Pleroma
a sacred act A
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a window through which we can see the eternal from the temporal
a festive action in which Christians assemble to celebrate their lived experience and to call to heart their common story
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a love-feast
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an doctrinal term