Definitions for "Sabot"
A kind of wooden shoe worn by the peasantry in France, Belgium, Sweden, and some other European countries.
A thick, circular disk of wood, to which the cartridge bag and projectile are attached, in fixed ammunition for cannon; also, a piece of soft metal attached to a projectile to take the groove of the rifling.
1. A wooden disk attached between the projectile and charge bag in fixed ammunition for smoothbores. 2. In rifled muzzleloaders, a deformable attachment at the rear of a projectile. Upon firing, the sabot would expand and contact the grooves, causing the projectile to spin. See also: Rifle.
The Sabot is a sailing dinghy that is sailed and raced singlehandedly usually by young sailors in various places around the world.
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See Snap. IGCB
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a device that both centers the rocket in the launch tube and forms a pressure seal
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a clog with a leather top