Definitions for "Ryu"
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Japanese, school of thought, approach, method of...,with a tradition, masters, adherents.
( re-YEW) means school. It usually refers to a substyle of karate
School or tradition
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dragon saké: rice wine
Capcom, and is one of the main characters in the Street Fighter series. Ryu is the archetypical fighting game protagonist, and he has provided the basis for many other fighting game characters.
Ryu (リュウ in Japanese) is the name of every main protagonist in the Breath of Fire series. Despite the fact that each Ryu is a completely different character, they all share the same name, and blue hair (even in Breath of Fire: Dragon Quarter, where his hair is very dark blue sometimes mistaken for black), much like Nina, who also keeps the same name and similar features on each game. It is speculated that the Ryu from the first game is the ancestor of the line of Ryus through the third game.Some also speculate that each Ryu from the series is reincarnated from the Ryu of the first Breath of Fire "Ryū" (竜) also means dragon in Japanese.