Definitions for "Rusty"
Discolored and rancid; reasty; as, rusty bacon.
Discolored; stained; not cleanly kept; filthy.
Impaired by inaction, disuse, or neglect.
impaired in skill by neglect
Keywords:  morose, surly, sullen, crusty
Surly; morose; crusty; sullen.
Earth tone. Amber's sex maniac boyfriend. Hostile to Rayanne and Rickie.
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Rusty was a Canadian alternative rock band in the 1990s.
Rusty is the first and only full-length album by American math rock band Rodan. It was engineered by Bob Weston.
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ancient; "hoary jokes"
Resembling, or covered with a substance resembling, rust; affected with rust; rubiginous.
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Skybert's support beam. They talk to each other. Don't ask.
Keywords:  sword, knife, wheat, covered
Covered or affected with rust; as, a rusty knife or sword; rusty wheat.
Keywords:  dark, colored
Rust-colored; dark.
covered with or consisting of rust; "a rusty machine"; "rusty deposits"
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of the color of rust