Definitions for "Runway"
A defined rectangular area on a land airport prepared for the landing and takeoff run of aircraft along its length.
A long strip of land or water used by aircraft to land on or to take off from.
A defined rectangular area located on a land aerodrome and prepared for the landing and take-off runs of aircraft along its length. abbreviation: RWY Fr: piste
The assembly of rails, girders, brackets and framework on which the crane operates.
An assembly of rails, beams, girders, brackets, and framework on which the crane travels.
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Runway was a daytime quiz programme that was produced by Granada Television and ran on the ITV network from 1987 until 1993, the original host was Chris Serle who hosted the first series then Richard Madeley hosted it until it ended.
a narrow platform extending from the stage into the audience in a theater or nightclub etc.
This refers to modeling live on a runway, which is a platform extending into the audience to provide viewers a 360-degree view of the model and his/her clothing and accessories. Can also refer to photos of a model on a runway.
a narrow raised platform on which the model shows the clothing.
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This is the place where you walk when you're giving a live fashion presentation. It is also referred to as a catwalk or ramp and is always elevated above the crowd. A runway can be shaped like a "T", an "L" or a straight line.
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The beaten path made by deer or other animals in passing to and from their feeding grounds.
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The approach. :: Poll :: What is your average? 120 or Below 121-160 161-180 181-200 201-220 221+ View Votes Hits
Same as approach.
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The space between the front of the lane and the foul line on which the delivery is made.
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PA-7200, -8000, -8200, -8500 processors connect directly to the Runway bus.
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The channel of a stream.