Definitions for "Run-up"
the water level achieved by a tsunami once it hits the shore, usually expressed as height in meters above normal high tide
the maximum height on land that water from a tsunami reaches as it washes inland. Not to be confused with the wave height.
the rush of water up a beach due to the breaking of a wave. The amount of run-up is the vertical height above stillwater level that the rush of water reaches.
When a golfer strikes a ball on or close to the ground.
An approach shot that lands short and rolls up to the green.
the approach run during which an athlete gathers speed
A procedure used to test aircraft engines after maintenance to ensure safe operation prior to returning the aircraft to service. The power settings tested range from idle to full power and may vary in duration.
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A special case of Key–to–line or Gear–to–line, often applied to air control for piston pumps.
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The short burst of speed put on by a horse in order to clear a jump.
a substantial increase over a relatively short period of time; "a runup in interest rates"; "market runups are followed by corrections"
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See "Free path".