Definitions for "Rumble"
To make a low, heavy, continued sound; as, the thunder rumbles at a distance.
A low, heavy, continuous sound like that made by heavy wagons or the reverberation of thunder; a confused noise; as, the rumble of a railroad train.
Low frequency noise usually below 50Hz. see stage rumble
A seat for servants, behind the body of a carriage.
a servant's seat (or luggage compartment) in the rear of a carriage
(seat). a. A seat at the rear of a coach or carriage, usually for grooms or footmen b. A large basket found on the rear of early stage coaches to accommodate luggage and passengers travelling at a cheaper rate.
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Large fight between two rival gangs, usually Punks or Blockers.
a fight between rival gangs of adolescents
Keywords:  murmur, ripple
To murmur; to ripple.
Rumble (Trompeur in Canada, Tartar in Italy) is a fictional character in the Transformers universes.
Keywords:  rumor, noisy, report
A noisy report; rumor.
A rotating cask or box in which small articles are smoothed or polished by friction against each other.
The act of catching a cheat in the act of marking or manipulating cards.
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To cause to pass through a rumble, or shaking machine. See Rumble, n., 4.