Definitions for "Rudra"
Keywords:  shiva, siva, fierce, vedic, lord
(ROOD-rah): the Vedic god of battles and the patron deity of Fighting Tiger Tactical units.
The Lord as destroyer, a form of Lord Shiva. As the fierce aspect of God, Rudra inspires both great love and great fear among his worshipers.
Lord Siva.
the 11th cakra, containing melakartas with M2, R2, and G3, numbered 61-66
( Skt.): Historically, Rudra was a student who perverted the teachings and eventually killed his teacher. Rudrahood is the opposite of buddhahood.
Rudra is a spider genus of the Salticidae family (jumping spiders).
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Rudra is a Singaporean death metal band which was formed in 1992.