Definitions for "Ruche"
Keywords:  roosh, pleated, drapes, trim, goffered
A plaited, quilled, or goffered strip of lace, net, ribbon, or other material, -- used in place of collars or cuffs, and as a trimming for women's dresses and bonnets.
(pronounced ROOSH) A pleating or gathering of cloth / drapes.
A decorative trimming with a heading and a cut or a looped surface. Used in place of piping around cushions and edges.
Also known as the Rouchet or Roche. Minor grape grown in Piedmont region of Italy and used to make the aromatic "Ruche di Castagnole Monferrato" varietal wine.
Keywords:  spawn, oyster, arched, tiles, retain
A pile of arched tiles, used to catch and retain oyster spawn.