Definitions for "Rubbing"
Process of leveling and flatting a dried coating film by rubbing it, either wet or dry and usually with a suitable abrasive, to remove nibs and other irregularities and to provide a surface with a suitable key for subsequent coating.
(paint effects) starting with a base coat of colour, a glaze is rubbed over creating a soft cloudy film of colour, which imitates the aged look of fresco paintings. It is ideal to use over stencils to slightly distress the look.
The barest trace of wear on the high points of a coin. just a step above "Friction" on the scale of adjectives used to describe degrees of wear. Usually, a coin with rubbing has virtually full mint lustre intact. Still, the wear is just a hair too noticeable for the coin to be called mint state.
representation consisting of a copy (as of an engraving) made by laying paper over something and rubbing it with charcoal
a means of historic preservation, made by transferring the relief image of a gravestone to Japanese rice paper with an English heelball
a copy of a raised, inscribed, or textured surface made by placing paper over it and rubbing the paper with a colored substance
the resistance encountered when one body is moved in contact with another
Racing announcers use this to describe cars that make contact but don't crash. Also called "pushing and shoving."
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When printed ink appears dry but does not resist surface rubbing or abrasion - also called scuffing.
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effort expended in rubbing one object against another
Record of how a book or journal is bound and lettered used for future matching purposes
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The act of rubbing against an object or a person with sexual pleasure as the goal.
a. & n. from Rub, v.