Definitions for "Rubbery"
Keywords:  robusta, burnt, taste, coffee, shrub
More commonly used to describe Robusta coffees, this term refers to the scent and/or taste similar to burnt rubber.
A burnt rubber taste, sometimes resulting from coffee berries that have dried before they are picked.
A harsh, burnt-rubber taste often found in robusta coffees, caused by allowing the coffee fruit to begin drying on the shrub.
Keywords:  tires, fresno, odour, nick, pavement
a cooked-cabbage, rubber-boot, or old rubber odour. It occurs in wines that are made from grapes in very hot regions. Often these grapes are harvested with low acidity and high pH. It has been nick-named the Fresno odour from its occurence in that region after Prohibition in the 1930's in America.
You don't want this in your wine. When the sulphur in old whites starts to break down, you get the smell of old tires or rubber gloves. You are likely thinking, "How can cat pee be good and rubber is bad?"
An odor similar to braked car tires on pavement.
having a texture resembling rubber
A term characterizing the resilient feel and texture of a cheese. Generally a term for cheese that is overly chewy or excessively elastic in texture.
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difficult to chew