Definitions for "RTV"
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Room Temperature Vulcanizing. The tendency of an RTV adhesive to vulcanize (or cure ) at room temperature. Changes from a liquid/paste state to a solid, flexible rubber. Example: Silicones
a liquid silicone rubber which cures at room temperature by addition of a catalyst
Room Temperature Vulcanizing. A silicone-based adhesive, the clear version of which is used to glue a mirror to its cell. Cures with exposure to moisture. Back to top of glossary
Return To Vendor. same as return to supplier.
See Return to Vendor.
Return to Vendor. Return to vendor also referred to as vendor hold or hold for vendor review. These products are sent back to the vendor per their requirements.
RTV is a satellite television channel broadcast from Bangladesh. It started operation on 26 December, 2005. Another private TV channel RTV starts functioning from Dec 26, The Bangladesh Observer, 11 November,2005. It mainly broadcasts programmes in Bengali language.
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Abbreviation for ritonavir.
A gluing compound used to weatherproof entry holes.