Definitions for "RTM"
Resin Transfer Molding. A process whereby catalyzed resin is transferred or injected into a closed mold in which the fiberglass reinforcement has been placed.
Resin Transfer Molding: A low pressure, closed molding process, using liquid thermoset resins reinforced with various forms of fiber reinforcement.
Resin Transfer Molding. A molding process in which catalyzed resin is pumped into a two-sided, matched mold where a fibrous reinforcement has been placed. The mold and/or resin may or may not be heated.
Requirements Treaceability Matrix. A document listing the responsibilities of the product, and maps each responsibility to the classes that must be implemented to perform the Use Cases that it comprises during design. Test cases are mapped to the use cases during testing. this document is required by the SEI and is critical for change cases.
Requirements Traceability Matrix
or Right To Manage. Analogous to the RTE company (above), a RTM company is the vehicle through which lessees will be required to assert a right to manage a building, should they wish to do so, in the way provided for under the 2002 Act. This link can be used to access the detailed requirements for the constitution of an RTM company: 2003/2120 (.pdf file)
Real-time module, contained in the CRM.
Real Tracker module
Retake the module since original attempt was failed or inadequately attempted. You are required to re-enrol on the module at the next opportunity. The module result will be capped at 40% and if failed at subsequent attempt, reassessment will only be permitted if previous attempts allow. Failure to re-enrol on the module will lead to insufficient credit for your pathway.
Real-Time Monitor
Response Time Measurement. A PacketWise feature that tracks delay statistics for connection-based TCP traffic classes and breaks each response time measurement into network delay, server delay, and total delay. For example, you can measure response times for applications, web traffic, individual hosts, or subnets.
See Response Time Measurement.
emit anufacturing, the deadline for delivering a software product for duplication and distribution. See GMC.
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Release To Manufacture
Release To Manufacturing
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Read The Manual
Report to Member. Report generated and mailed to members each time claims are processed; reflects payments made to providers for services rendered.
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Route To Market