Definitions for "RTF"
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ich ext ormat is a special interchange file format that can be created and read by most popular wordprocessors. RTF preserves most formatting information, and graphics. Since they use only low ASCII, RTF documents can be usefully transmitted by email.
A text file format used for transferring formatted text documents between programs, even those running on different platforms.
ich ext ormat. A format developed by Microsoft and enables saving text files with formatting, font information, text color, and some page layout information intact. Established for the presentation of cross-platform text and graphics interchange, this format does not represent information structure. It does, however, do a good job of storing font, color and formatting information.
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Ready To Fly. RTF models can be assembled in minutes, usually it's a case of just strapping on the wing. RTFs are very popular these days.
"Ready to Fly" - RTF aircraft come virtually ready to fly out of the box. Typical RTF's may be assembled within 15-20 minutes. Report this Word See also: ARF Added by: mkranitz
Ready-to-Fly. Some newer airplanes are now available as RTF models. These planes usually come with everything needed for flight--plane, radio system, engine and all hardware. The really nice thing about an RTF is that it will almost always be completely pre-built with only a few minor construction steps left for the modeler. If you want to fly and want to fly now, RTF is the way to go.
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Radiotelephone (ICAO)
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Read The FAQ! (common response to a stupid question)
Read The FAQ S-V
Resistance transfer factor. The component of an R-plasmid that encodes the ability to conjugate and to transfer DNA.
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(Rigid Thermo Foil) Used as a laminate in the process of fabricating a one-piece door.
Run to Failure. A maintenance practice for some non-critical, inexpensive, and easily replaced components, are ran until failure and then replaced.
See: regeneration and tolerance factor
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This is the driven roller on the top of the folder which helps pull the web before the paper starts to go down the forming board.
Regional Treatment Facility
Residential Treatment Facility
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Regional Technical Forum