Definitions for "RTD"
Resistance Temperature Device. Resistance temperature devices (or detectors) rely on the principle that the resistance of a metal increases with temperature. When made of platinum, they may be known as platinum resistance thermometers (PRTs).
A temperature transducer that provides temperature information as the change in resistance of a metal wire element, often platinum, as a function of temperature.
( esistance ype evice): Any sensing device that varies resistance/current/voltage/ with temperature.
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Rontgen Technische Dienst
Has no starches, sizing or finishes that might interfere with dyeing. Unlike PFD it may or may not be cut oversize, may or may not be sewn with cotton thread, and is usually optically whitened, making it a bright white color that glows under blacklight. Preferred for tie dye and/or batik, because the background will be more white with better contrast to the colors.
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Real Tape Drive. Physical tape drives, typically of high capacity, used to transfer logical tape volumes between VTS or VTSS DASD and tape cartridges (MVC). These devices are not seen by host applications.
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Registered Therapy Dog
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Real-Time Distributor
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Return To Duty
Regional Transportation District