Definitions for "rpp"
Regional Prioritization Plan
Registered Pension Plan. This is a pension plan registered with "Revenue Canada."
Registered Pension Plan. A trust registered with Revenue Canada and established by an employer to provide pension benefits for employees when they retire. Both employer and employees may contribute to the plan and contribute to the plan and contributions are tax-deductible.
"Role-play Point(s)"; The preferred system of enhancing a character on ShadowSiege. RPP is given out automatically by the game while a player plays, and manually by the staff on merit. The game passes out RPP to players every fifteen minutes, based on the number and size of emotes and thinks, and how many other characters are in the room with them.
Virginia Rail Preservation Program
Rail Passenger Partnership
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Relative Processor Power/Performance. More or less the same as RPV.
rpp is an interpreted scripting language for easily creating new macro processing languages .
Replace placement. Used only in modules which have an assessed placement component. Seek advice from your Field.
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Resource Protection Program