Definitions for "RPG"
rifle propelled grenade, Russian-manufactured antitank grenade launcher.
Rocket Propelled Grenades
Ruchnoi Protivotankovye Granatamyot, Rocket Propelled Grenade. View Example.
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This project has been started as an educational project. It is my first game, and I do hope it is enjoyed! :P
Roleplaying game
Rebounds Per Game
Regional Planning Guidance Note Para 1.15
Regional Planning Guidance. Current regional planning was issued by the Secretary of State in March 2001. In the South East, the relevant Regional Planning Guidance is RPG 9.
Regional Planning Guidance. Contains strategic planning policies and a key diagram for the whole of the region. RPG9 covers Essex.
Report Program Generator. Programming language widely used on the eserver iSeries 400 and its predecessors: AS/400 and System/3x. Coding is column-dependent fill-in-the-blanks forms. As its name implies, best used for report generation, and very strong sort/merge facilities, where it can be used completely non-procedurally. IBM created RPG in 1965. RPG/370 was the mainframe SAA CPI version announced February 1991 and withdrawn August 1993. It ran on z/OS and z/VM. For VSE/ESA, there is DOS/VS RPG II, still available, but it has been more than two decades since the last release. OS/VS RPG II, for z/OS, is even older. Hopefully, someone checked them both for Y2K compatibility. RPG’s major popularity on the mainframe came at the low end, as it was the only programming language that ran very well on the System/ 360 Model 20. For the iSeries 400, where virtually all of the RPG use occurs today, WebSphere Development Studio for iSeries includes ILE RPG (RPG IV), VisualAge RPG and CODE/400, the tools of choice for RPG programmers. They run on OS/400 and Windows.
A programming language for minicomputer mainframes such as the IBM AS/400. RPG began as a program to generate reports--as you could have guessed from the...
eport rogram enerator. A specialized computer programming language designed to facilitate the development of reports.
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the acronym for Radar Product Generator. The RPG is the computer in the NEXRAD system that receives polar-coordinate base radar data from the RDA and processes these data into end-user products. Algorithms are utilized for pattern-recognition, rainfall estimation, computation of VIL and other products. The RPG communicates these products to end-users. A specific subset of available products is always generated for the NIDS vendors for distribution outside of the NWS, DoD, and FAA. Other products are generated by the RPG upon request from a PUP.
Risk Purchasing Group. A large group of individuals, companies or trade associations combining to request insurance rates based on their perceived loss experience. Requests for reduced rates may be justified by some special characteristic of the group (e.g., specialized training), which will result in fewer and/or less severe claims.
See Risk Purchasing Group.
Risk Purchasing Groups. Collective insurance buying
Radiation Protection Guide. radiation dose which should not be exceeded without careful consideration for doing so; every effort should be made to encourage the maintenance of radiation doses as far below this guide as practicable
Radiation Protection Group (Part of EH&S)
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rounds per gun