Definitions for "RPC"
Remote Procedure Calls. RPC allow services to communicate over a network in such a way that they appear to be happen on the local machine.
A mechanism that extends the concept of a local procedure call, to a fully distributed computing environment.
From Glossary of "Weaving the Web" ( 1999-07-23) When one part of a program calls on another part to do some work, the action is called a procedure call. RPC is a set of tools that allow you to write a program whose different parts are on different computers, without having to worry about how the communication happens. A generic technique, not a specific product.
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ochester sychiatric enter.
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Royal Pioneer Corps KAR(In unit/formation designation) Somali (eg: 71 (S) Bn KAR) KAR
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Readers per Copy. The number of individuals who read a given copy of a publication.
Revenue per click. Total sales divided by number of visitors. Revenue per click is very useful for measuring the success of pay per click and other on-line campaigns.
Revenue per click. Amout of revenue generated from one ‘click.'
Reporting Period Coverage. In the industry it is sometimes referred to as Extended Reporting Period or "ERP". In 'claims-made" liability policies, only those claims that occur after the retroactive date and are reported or filed against the insured during the policy period are covered by the policy. The RPC, or tail, is an endorsement available to extend the reporting period for the filing of a claim to give additional time in order to be considered covered.
Relapse Prevention Counseling
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Rational price cap
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(Net8 Administrator's Guide; search in this book)
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Recorded Picture Company