Definitions for "Rowlock"
Keywords:  oar, gunwale, oarlock, fulcrum, boat
A contrivance or arrangement serving as a fulcrum for an oar in rowing. It consists sometimes of a notch in the gunwale of a boat, sometimes of a pair of pins between which the oar rests on the edge of the gunwale, sometimes of a single pin passing through the oar, or of a metal fork or stirrup pivoted in the gunwale and suporting the oar; same as oarlock.
A device on the gunwale of a vessel on which an oar rests or swings.
A device on a boat's gunwale where the oar rests and swings; also called an "oarlock".
Keywords:  brick, laid, rolok, rolock, brickwork
A brick laid on its face edge so that the normal bedding area is visible in the wall face. Frequently spelled rolok.
a brick laid on its face with the end surface visible in the wall face. Frequently spelled rolock.
Brickwork with exposed ends setting vertically.
Keywords:  masonry, arch, ring, included, one
One of the rings of masonry included in an arch having more than one ring.