Definitions for "round robin"
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Any series or sequence of actions.
Round Robin pits the group members against each other, 2 on 2. The catch: Players rotate partners after every six holes so that each member of the foursome, over the course of the round, partners with every other member. .
See weighted round-robin.
A tournament in which each contestant plays against every other contestant at least once; a failure to win any contest does not result in elimination from the tournament. Contrasted with elimination tournament
Tournament where each contestant plays one game with every other contestant.
A competition in which all golfers have the chance to play all other participants.
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a piece of meld consisting of a marriage in each of the four suits; worth 240 points (Kings Around [80], Queens Around [60], one royal marriage [40] and three common marriages [60 points total]). See also common marriage, Kings Around, Queens Around, royal marriage.
A bet consisting of 10 bets (3 pairs of "Single Stakes About" bets plus 3 doubles and 1 treble) involving three selections in different events. The structure of the bet is:- Selection A Selection B Selection C 3 doubles - AB AC BC 1 treble - ABC 6 up and down bets A A B x x x B C C With up and down betting if the original selection wins these winnings are kept, but the initial stake goes onto a second selection.
Three selections in three "Up and Down" bets, three doubles and a treble - ten bets in all.
An instructional tactic where each group member verbally contributes an idea in a systematic, "around the group" fashion. Kagan, S. (1990). Co-operative learning resources for teachers. San Juan Capistrano, CA: Resources for Teachers.
An interlibrary loan communications network for about 13 Front Range public libraries. Software allows participating libraries to send up to 25 interlibrary loan requests for materials to a server; check postings by participating libraries daily to determine which requests they can fill, and have items sent by courier. See resource sharing
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Scheduling algorithm whereby a thread is given a certain period of time to run. Should the thread consume CPU for the entire period of its timeslice, the thread will be placed at the end of the ready queue for its priority, and the next available thread will be made READY. If a thread is the only thread READY at its priority level, it will be able to consume CPU again immediately. See also adaptive, FIFO, and sporadic.
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a story passed from one writer to another, with each writer adding some words
a story that one author begins and other users may finish
a story that one person starts and then passes the story to another , that persons add to a point and another picks up the story
the placement of records on disc (or in a partition) in a (notionally) sequential manner.
a telephone call handled by all the people in the room instead of by just one trainee
A petition or similar document, in which the signatures are arranged in circular form in order to conceal the order of signing.
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a way collectors can collect other cards
A document circulated from one person to another in a group, often with comments added by each recipient.
a URL that points to multiple IP addresses, when it is accessed, one of the ip addresses is picked out and used
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a very popular chip trading format or system
A load balancing technique, where a group of computers take turns using a single domain name.
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a letter signed by a number of people