Definitions for "Rot"
To undergo a process common to organic substances by which they lose the cohesion of their parts and pass through certain chemical changes, giving off usually in some stages of the process more or less offensive odors; to become decomposed by a natural process; to putrefy; to decay.
Figuratively: To perish slowly; to decay; to die; to become corrupt.
To make putrid; to cause to be wholly or partially decomposed by natural processes; as, to rot vegetable fiber.
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A fatal distemper which attacks sheep and sometimes other animals. It is due to the presence of a parasitic worm in the liver or gall bladder. See 1st Fluke, 2.
Retention of Title. Contractual term providing some security in unused goods if the debt is unpaid
Retention of Title or Romalpa Clause
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Rotation, either clockwise (CW) or counter-clockwise (CCW), as listed per NEMA, and viewed from the shaft end.
The aviation term ROT stands for rate one turn, also known as a standard rate turn, in which the aircraft turns by 3° per second (= 180°/minute). A rate one-half turn (1.5° per second) is normally used when flying faster than 250 kt. The term rate two turn (6° per second) used on some high speed aircraft.
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To expose, as flax, to a process of maceration, etc., for the purpose of separating the fiber; to ret.
unacceptable behavior (especially ludicrously false statements)
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see botrytis
Recorded off transmission. Radio Stations are required by law to record everything broadcast and submit it to the Radio Authority if a complaint is made.
waste away; "Political prisoners are wasting away in many prisons all over the world"
Rehabilitate, Operate, Transfer
Suppliers of goods, often have standard terms and conditions whereby they retain ownership/title of the goods they have supplied, until they have been paid for them.
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(rotatus) = roll/rolls – a term used for many types of early records
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A person’s current state of advancement.