Definitions for "ROSTRUM"
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In Latin, the beak of a bird or the prow of a ship. In America, a place from which a candidate for office energetically expounds the wisdom, virtue and power of the rabble.
The beak or head of a ship.
The Beaks; the stage or platform in the forum where orations, pleadings, funeral harangues, etc., were delivered; -- so called because after the Latin war, it was adorned with the beaks of captured vessels; later, applied also to other platforms erected in Rome for the use of public orators.
The anterior, often spinelike, prolongation of the carapace of a crustacean, as in the lobster and the prawn.
The portion of the skull anterior to the orbits. sacral - Of or pertaining to the sacrum - the region of the vertebral column between the lumbar and the caudal vertebrae.
A projection of the cephalic frons that may also include the dorsal surface of the cephalon.
the "top" ot "lid" of the mouth of a baleen whale, part in front of blowhole
Anteromedial projection of frontal margin of head.
in belemnites, the rear part of the bullet-shaped, cylindrical internal shell, also called the guard. Its purpose was possibly to act as a counter-balance to the weight of the animal's head and tentacles. Page up
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Same as Rostellum.
Spike-like prolongation of an avicularium. Distal part of avicularium occupied by mandible (syn. palate) (Hayward & Ryland, 1998).
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The ram of a warship - often with three prongs.
The pipe to convey the distilling liquor into its receiver in the common alembic.
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(also known as Podium) – Where the Auctioneer sits during the sale.
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Select Committee