Definitions for "Roster "
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Roster is a PHP/mySQL application that manages a team's roster, chain of command and battles. It manages awards, ranks, units, bio infomation, statistics, and much more for each member of your team.
Some rules systems require players to keep a written record of their forces. Such a record is known as a Roster. For example, a Roster might list a unit's Morale and Training statistics. In another example, in a modern miniatures game, a player might need to keep track of how many shots a tank can make before running out of ammunition.
A set of players that makes up your fantasy football team.
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Form used to keep track of the NAEP questionnaires distributed to school staff members.
Refers to FASTFUND loans. The roster is the vehicle used to notify schools of their new disbursements with specified preferred disbursement dates. Schools can receive an EFT roster and/or a check roster. The EFT roster is also used to notify schools of loan cancellations.
The Alias Roster is a database of 4 digit numbers that are matched to 2 digit decoder addresses. This Alias roster defines all the power units you wish to operate this way, & is stored in the DCS100. The DCS100 remembers the Alias Roster even if the system is powered down between sessions.
As a verb, to add one or more user records to the IBM Lotus Learning Management System database. As a noun, the set of user records in the database. Back to top of glossary
a simply a database of all locomotives that your installation of DecoderPro has programmed
A register or roll showing the order in which officers, enlisted men, companies, or regiments are called on to serve.
a who's who of female professional wrestling
A schedule that is used to ensure that employees are allocated work times in such a way as to optimise their allocation and to ensure adequate support for production. From an employee's point of view the roster informs them what their hours of work will be over a specific period of time.
A schedule of time to be worked.
Group- and section-aware tool that allows you to view the names, photos, and profiles of site participants. More...
an actualization of personal trust and relationships with peers
Form used to record children's names and their screening results.
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a new web feature and is under development