Definitions for "Rosewood"
A valuable cabinet wood of a dark red color, streaked and variegated with black, obtained from several tropical leguminous trees of the genera Dalbergia and Machærium. The finest kind is from Brazil, and is said to be from the Dalbergia nigra.
PVCu with a wood effect colouring
Heavy, durable tropical hardwood, very dark brown with a rippled grain of near-black running through. The name comes from the fragrance released when the wood is cut. Rosewood was used for inlaid decoration in the 17thC, and as a veneer from the 18thC, but usually for small panels and for decorative banding. It was little used for the main body of a piece of furniture until the early 19thC. A related species first imported to Britain from Brazil in the late 17thC is kingwood or prince wood. It is rich deep brown but with purplish tones that give it the alternative name of violet wood. Kingwood was used as a veneer, for parquetry and cross-banding, and was particularly popular in France. See tulip wood.
Rosewood is a 1997 film, starring Ving Rhames as a fictional character who travels to the town of Rosewood, Florida and becomes a witness to the 1923 massacre. Also starring was Don Cheadle as Sylvester, a non-fictional character who also became witness to the atrocities, and Jon Voight, as a white store owner who inhabits a village near Rosewood. The three characters become entangled in a desperate attempt to save whomever they can from the rage of the racist whites of Rosewood.
Rosewood refers to a number of richly hued timbers, brownish with darker veining. All rosewoods are strong and heavy, taking an excellent polish, being suitable for flooring, furniture, turnery, and musical instruments. In general, supplies are poor through overexploitation.
A pleasant and flowery aroma. Relaxing and deodorising. Add to massage oil to help combat tired muscles. Has a steadying and balancing affect on nerves. A good anti-depressant and may help migraines and ward off general malaise. Caution: Avoid during pregnancy. May irritate sensitive skin.
Sweet, woody-floral and fruity. Calming, soothing. Benefits: Balances all skin types including sensitive. Brightens skin, fades stretch-marks.