Definitions for "ROS"
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Return on Sales. A measure of a companys profitability, equal to a fiscal years pre-tax income divided by total sales
Rare; used for veal, duck, or liver. Also, rose-colored wine.
French term for pink wine which is made from a blend of red grapes, including Grenache and Syrah. In order to achieve a less than red color when fermenting red grapes, the juice is removed from the skins early enough as to only allow a small amount of pigment to show itself in the wine. Rosés are refreshing, sometimes complex, and always better served chilled.
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(see "run of station")
run of site. ad buying option in which ad placements may appear on any pages of the target site.
Run of Schedule. Commercials bought to be run at any available time at the network's discretion.
Recreation Opportunity Spectrum. a mix of outdoor settings based on remoteness, area size, and evidence of humans, which allows for a variety of recreation activities and experiences. The descriptions used to classify the settings are on a continuum and are described as: rural, roaded resource, semi-primitive motorized, semi-primitive non- motorized, and primitive.
Recreation Opportunity Spectrum. A system of measuring the land's ability to meet the expectations of recreation users. Six recreation categories, from primitive (natural) to urban (highly modified) describe the activities, settings and experiences an area offers. The following categories may be found in or near the analysis area
Recreational Opportunity Spectrum
Review of Systems. Usually the last set of questions asked of a patient when taking a history. Goes through each organ system and asks about any problems in that particular system. Used to catch anything the patient may not have mentioned or brought up on their own during the rest of the history.
A series of questions related to the system(s) that the patient is having complaints about (i.e. respiratory for cold symptoms).
Review of Systems, list for obtaining a complete history
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Reparto Operativo Speciale
Rate of Spread. The relative activity of a fire in extending its horizontal dimensions.
Rate of Spread. A fire behavior term used to express relative horizontal growth of a wildland fire. Expressed in total perimeter growth in chains per hour. One chain equals 66 feet.
Rate of Spread. the speed at which a fire extends its horizontal dimensions, expressed in terms of distance per unit area of time. Generally thought of in terms of a fire's forward movement or head fire rate of spread, but also applicable to backfire and flank fire rate of spread.
Return on Surplus. Operating income divided by mean surplus.
See Return on Surplus.
Return On Sales. Trading profit expressed as a percentage of sales value.
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Renewables Obligation Scotland
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Registry Of Societies
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Routine Orders
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Read Only Storage The same as the expression ROM, not related to a specific access mode.
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Rent Officer Service
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Remote Operation Service.