Definitions for "Root access"
Keywords:  superuser, priveleges, iwd, vps, usally
The superuser level of access to a computer, usally only available to co-location clients, and virtual private servers (vps). As root, you may reconfigure the system, reconfigure, install, or disable major software or services, etc.
The Freedom 400x and 500x allow you to enjoy a greater level of control over your server: root level access. Root access allows you to install the applications you want to run on your server. You could even replace the Apache Web server with your own Web server program if you wanted. That's the kind of freedom you have with root access. IWD will support your Freedom product with its original configuration and pre-installed software. Keep in mind that customizations such as installing your own Web server are outside the boundaries of our support.
A user with root access (usually limited to system administrators) has complete access to all files on a given computer. In UNIX one refers to root priveleges; in VMS one says system priveleges. See permissions.