Definitions for "RON"
Research Octane Number, RON measures resistance of a fuel to knock at lower engine speeds and under acceleration
A rating of the anti-knock properties of a finished motor gasoline or blendstock. The test to determine RON stimulates mild engine operating conditions such as motoring at moderate speeds. The RON method yields higher numbers than the MON (motor octane number) test which reflects heavy loads and high speeds.
Research octane number. One of two ASTM tests for octane measures RON, predicting behavior under acceleration at low speed. RON is generally higher than MON. See Octane Number.
run of network. ad buying option in which ad placements may appear on any pages on sites within an ad network.
Scheduling of Internet advertising whereby an ad network positions ads across the sites it represents at its own discretion, according to available inventory. (Source: IAB)
Run of Site. An ad that can be placed anywhere on a website without restrictions.
Ron, byname of Rosalino Cellamare (born august 13, 1953) is an Italian singer-songwriter and musician.
Ron is Travis (insert your last name here)'s best friend and nieghbour. Ron is a hard working farm boy who helps Travis with the farm work, even taking care of the farm when Travis is at the family reunion for one example. Depending on the story line, Ron is either a big guy or is slim. Ron looks up at Travis and often admires him, but also wishes the best for his friend.
An especially mendacious, arbitrary jumped up little snot member of the Delphi support team.
Ron is a panchayat town in Gadag district in the Indian state of Karnataka.
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See LRH.
a Chadic language spoken in northern Nigeria
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The ISO currency code for the New Romanian Leu.
Registered Obstetric Nurse (prev. hospital based nursing programme)
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Ron is a character in the King of Fighters video game series.
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Remain Overnight
remain over night (night-stop).