Definitions for "Rollers"
Keywords:  indoor, cylinders, bike, freely, wheel
Steel, ball-bearing wheels that allow sections to roll freely along door tracks.
wheels on the sides of the door that run in the Tracks.
a stationary training device that allows you to train on your bike indoors.
Keywords:  apex, nice, crash, sea, popping
Large waves out to sea that do not form an apex and crash. Nice for popping airs in the open water.
Tube shaped mechanics that deliver ink from the fountain to the plate in a uniform manner.
Barrel-shaped, tapered or cylindrical rolling elements.
Keywords:  bumps, packs, series
A series of bumps - 3, 4, 6, and 8 packs of them
Keywords:  ingots, steel, steps, cross, sectional
The objects through which ingots are passed to produce finished steel. Rollers are also used in other production steps to reduce cross sectional area of the product.
Rollers are sometimes positioned between keys to facilitate finger movement from one key to the other. Back