Definitions for "Rogan Josh"
Keywords:  lamb, josh, kashmiri, stew, curry
A dish based on tomatoes, peppers and onions, fried in spiced oil and often hot. (Rogan josh means 'lamb in red sauce'.)
dish of meat fried dark brown and highly spiced.
Almost every source gives a different translation of the name of this very popular dish; and equally so a different recipe. It is widely held to be "Red (lamb) Stew", the red colour coming from the Kashmiri chillies. However some sources state that rogan means fat not red and some that josh is either intense or heat or juice or referring to the rich red colour. Which ever translation is preferred the basic preparation and cooking is the same and the variation comes in the composition of the sauce with its wide variety of spices. The (fat) meat is cooked slowly with little liquid until the fat comes away.