Definitions for "Rococo"
A florid style of ornamentation which prevailed in Europe in the latter part of the eighteenth century.
Of or pertaining to the style called rococo; like rococo; florid; fantastic.
French for, "rock work", a late Baroque style used in interior decoration and painting normally playful, pretty, romantic and visually loose or soft and employing small scale and ornate decoration, pastel colours and asymmetrical arrangement of curves in panelling, porcelain, and gold and silver objects. Popular in France and southern Germany in the 18th century after being developed during the reign of Lois XV in France.
Rococo club is an R&B nightclub in Leicester Square, central London, England. It is home to several funky house and R&B nights including the VIP guestlist R&B, Bashment and Hip Hop Cinnamon Fridays nights.
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See galant.