Definitions for "Rock garden"
Keywords:  alpine, garden, alps, himalayas, dwarf
An area constructed of larger rocks arranged to look natural. Planted with plants that generally do not need a lot of care.
a garden laid out among rocks and adapted for the growth of a particular kind of plants.
a garden featuring rocks; usually alpine plants
A section of river filled with rocks which requires constant manoeuvring by the canoeist.
A navigable waterway filled with rocks; requires constant maneuvering by the canoeist.
Keywords:  tight, table, poker, full, players
a poker table full of rocks
A table of players who are all playing like "Rocks".
a whole table of very tight players
A rapid thickly strewn with exposedor partially covered rocks that demand intricate maneuvering.
A rapid with numerous rocks.
Section of the trail that is completely covered with grapefruit (baby head) size to basketball sized rocks.
an ideal way to stop soil erosion while creating an appealing landscape feature
an excellent low maintenance choice to accent and
Keywords:  game, consisting
A game consisting of many rocks.