Definitions for "Robot"
A name for a program to explore the Web on its own, collecting information.
(bot) A program that runs automatically without human intervention, e.g. Search Engines commonly use a spider bot to scour the Web for Websites. See also: The Web Robots Pages
A programs that goes to websites for search engines. This program reads a website and determines if it belongs in the search index. Also know as a spider as it crawls all over the web.
A mechanical entity sometimes but not always possessing a humanoid configuration. Compare with android, cyborg, synthezold.
A computer that outputs motion, not information.
A machine, often computer controlled, that is capable of performing complex tasks automatically.
a doctor's eyes and ears in an intensive care unit
Robot is a serial in the British science fiction television series Doctor Who, which was first broadcast in four weekly parts from December 28, 1974 to January 18, 1975. It opened Season 12 and was the first full serial to feature Tom Baker as the Fourth Doctor, as well as Ian Marter as new companion Harry Sullivan.
Robot is a fictional superhero appearing in the comic book Invincible, which is published by .
Any device with links connected by means of (non)actuated joints, such that each link can move with respect to the others.
a physical device where sensing and actuation must be linked by efficient, robust and flexible on-board computing
robotics robust rule base
Computerized system with a motorized construction (usually an arm) capable of interacting with the environment, sensor to provide data on the robots current situation, and a system to process this information to determine the next step
a hybrid intelligent dynamical system, consisting of a controller coupled to its plant
an AI system that receives signals from the environment and acts on the environment in a way that helps it to achieve some preestablished goals
a brilliant rock band who artfully subtracts the best of punk rock, new wave, and goth to create a sound uniquely their own
Commonly known as a traffic light
Robot is a German imaging company most known for traffic surveillance (Traffipax), bank security and clockwork cameras.
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a lot like a person, in many ways they will be better
Robot is a series of books containing the art of various Asian artists. The series was created by Range Murata as a way for upcoming artists to get their work published. Volume 1 was released on the October 21 2004.
Remote control device with closed circuit television (CCTV) monitoring, used mainly in localized repair work, such as cutting away obstructions, re-opening lateral connections, grinding and re-filling defective areas and injecting resin into cracks and cavities.
a remote controlled device that can obtain and transmit information relative to the underground environment during mine emergencies
a type of device
The robot (or mannequin) is an illusionary dance style often combined with popping that attempts to imitate a dancing robot or mannequin.
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a computational system coupled with the physical world through its sensors and effectors
a kind of computer
an agent, a piece of software, that can traverse segments of a network generating resource descriptions as it locates and identifies appropriate resources
A robot is an artificial or virtual agent which in the physical form gives the appearance of being alive.
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a very good medium, because its neutral
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a big investment
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a hard technology
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a functional entity , not a physical one
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See Robot.
robot Roboter