Definitions for "ROBINSON"
English chemist noted for his studies of molecular structures in plants (1886-1975)
Robinson is a mountain in the English Lake District, its southern slopes descend to Buttermere while its northern side is set in the Newlands Valley. Paths lead to the summit from the village of Buttermere, from the nearby summit Dale Head and from various locations in the valleys to the north.
United States prizefighter who won the world middleweight championship five times and the world welterweight championship once (1921-1989)
Robinson is a small lunar impact crater that lies to the southwest of the large J. Herschel walled plain. It is located in the continental terrain to the north of the Mare Frigoris, in the northwestern part of the Moon's near side.
United States historian who stressed the importance of intellectual and social events for the course of history (1863-1936)
United States baseball player; first Black to play in the major leagues (1919-1972)
United States poet; author of narrative verse (1869-1935)
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Robinson is a horse ridden by the American show jumper Richard Spooner.
Irish playwright and theater manager in Dublin (1886-1958)
Britain's tape-based electronic machines, similar to the COMPARATOR.