Definitions for "Robert Campbell"
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Robert Campbell ( 21 February 1808 – 9 May 1894) was a Hudson's Bay Company fur trader and explorer. He explored a large part of the southern Yukon and established Fort Frances, Yukon on Frances Lake in the Liard River basin and Fort Selkirk, Yukon at the juncture of the Yukon River and the Pelly River.
Robert Campbell (28 April 1769 – 15 April 1846) was Sydney's first merchant and a pioneering land owner.
Robert Campbell Esq (1902-1972), director of the Art Gallery of South Australia, the first director of the Queensland Art Gallery and also a painter in his own right. In 1955 a portrait of him by painter Ivor Hele won the Archibald Prize. In May 1955 while director of the AGSA, he considered it was important to establish an Aboriginal art collection, which extended beyond the anthropological objects held by the museum.