Definitions for "RoadMap "
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RoadMap is a navigation program for Unix and PocketPC that displays street maps. Most of the maps are provided by the US Census Bureau, and thus only the US has a decent coverage at this time. A specific area can be displayed by entering a street address . It interfaces with a GPS receiver through gpsd or the serial line to track the car position.
A navigation system that displays US street maps and tracks a vehicule using GPS. Specific areas can be displayed by selecting a street address . RoadMap can run on iPAQ and Zaurus.
a set of guidelines, instructions, or explanations and this was exactly what needed updating in the VMEbus community
A Roadmap displays the major steps of the current Wizard being executed.  The User's position on the roadmap will be updated as keysteps in the Wizard are completed. A major goal of the Roadmap is to provide Users with an indication of the types of actions to be taken by the Wizard and a relative indication of how far through the Wizard the User has progressed.
is an English360 term for a development plan in the target language, which outlines the results of the needs analysis and plans a route for achieving language goals over time, with a variety of measurement techniques to assess progress.
a high-level visual representation of the approach to achieving desired project outcomes
an iterative and incremental way to capture (and recapture) your organization's unique plan as you progress
A program for future development indicating what will be developed and when.
an extended look at the future of a chosen field of inquiry composed from the collective knowledge and imagination of the brightest drivers of change in that field
telling the judge the order in which you will be going. For example, the 1NC would say "first I'll do topicality, then problems, harms, inherency, then advantages."
An indicative timetable identifying the parts of a specific programme's Work Programme to be opened by Calls for Proposals and the deadlines involved. Contained as part of the Work Programme.
a very specific thing
a description of a particular focus area available to students, including descriptions of especially relevant courses
a set of related practices that focus on an organizational area or need, or a specific element within the product development process
a graph allowing to apply a retraction method to find collision-free paths
a good starting point, the essential starting point
a large piece of paper, usually the size of a poster, in which the essential information (i
a complete web-based system with registration and tracking for easy implementation
a guide to completing your bachelor's degree
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a document that identifies key requirements for a set of products or service needs
a must but I also need time to figure out how long it will take to finish major steps of this project
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a schedule used for the protocol
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a Microsoft Word document containing the business development information itself or an active internet link to a web page containing the information
a document representing the current state of the art