Definitions for "RMI"
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Remote Method Invocation. RMI is a mechanism that is part of the Java programming language. It allows Java objects to invoke methods on objects from another JVM. This is how information may be exchanged between two JVMs.
Remote Method Invocation: relies on JAVA; allows a program to invoke methods on an object when the object is not located on the same machine as the program; at the hard of distributed computing in the JAVA world; backbone of EJB
Remote Method Invokation. Allows a program running in one Java virtual machine to invoke methods on an object running an another Java virtual machine, even if the two VMs are running on different host machines.
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Reddito Minimo di Inserimento
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MUSIC follow the MIDI link
MIDI music file.
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Republic of the Marshall Islands.
Radio Magnetic Interference
Radio Magnetic Indicator
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Repetitive motion injury.
Road Maintenance Initiative
Records Management Initiative
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Peak Cell Rate
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single-system image