Definitions for "Riverine"
_ Relating to, formed by, or situated on a river.
An aquatic environment with a water source conveyed by a channel. A channel is an open conduit either naturally or artificially created that periodically or continuously contains moving water, or which forms a connecting link between two bodies of standing water. Rivers, streams, creeks, and aqueducts are all riverine environments.
situated or dwelling beside a river
Riparian ecosystems encompassing both instream and adjacent riparian zones, especially their biological components.
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Located on or inhabiting the banks or the area near a river or lake.
located on or near the banks of a river
living mainly near rivers.
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Pertaining to rivers.
A long permanent and semi-permanent stream. It creates a different environment because of the increase in soil moisture. This is termed a riverine environment.
plants and animals associated with a river environment.
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Of or produced by a river.