Definitions for "Rituals"
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Rituals was an American soap opera that ran in syndication from September 10, 1984 to September 6, 1985 in 260 25 minutes episodes. It was created by Gene Palumbo, Ken Corday and Charlene Keel. It was based on a book by Keel.
Rituals are activities usually secret in nature, known only to the members of a given fraternity or sorority. Rituals are what make a Greek letter organization unique and so often times these activities and the materials used to conduct these activities are held in the strictest of confidence among members.
Short for Nature Rituals that the Ranger uses.
Often considered routines, these can also be seen as the paths a Netizen takes while online. Although forever mutable, these paths can lead to online communities such that the Netizen finds themselves in an invested and somewhat committed relationship -- for a while, anyway.
A detailed method of procedure faithfully or regularly followed. Two common BDD rituals are checking one's reflection in a reflective surface, or skin picking
Commonly accepted events and experiences which support, define and assist in the developmental, spiritual, and community changes that occur in the lives of children and families.
Customized, repeated acts found in events and in interpersonal situations, such as in marriages, funerals and festivities. It can refer to ritualized behaviors by individuals as well.
People with Asperger's often prefer to order their day according to a set pattern. Any enforced or perceived disruptions to their self-imposed rituals can cause anxiety or distress.
practiced forms of religious ceremony; Trade Kingdoms