Definitions for "Rishi"
Keywords:  seer, veda, sage, poet, sapt
A great, learned saint.
A seer of Truth; a revealer of the wisdom of the Vedas.
Sages of antique times in India. The Rishi were poets capable of deep and higher visions about the Ultimate Reality. Being inspired by divine forces, they have elaborated and orally transmitted, all along centuries, the Veda. According to various sources, the number of Rishi is not the same. Their names also are probably often mythical
the 7th cakra, containing melakartas with M1, R1, and G1, numbered 37-42
a different personality altogether
Keywords:  dived, love, lover, core, self
a real lover because he has dived into his own Self, the very core of life and love
a human (or someone beyond human) so advanced that he has extraordinary powers and knowledge