Definitions for "RISERS"
A test signal to measure non-linearity. Usually with 5, 7 or 10 steps (also called risers).
The vertical boards behind or in back of stair treads.
The vertical rise of the steps of a staircase.
The webbing that connects the harness to the suspension lines. At the bottom of the risers will be a mechanism for attaching and releasing the risers and harness, usually in the form of a three ring release. On the rear risers are the brakes/steering lines. The suspension lines attach to the top of the risers with connector links, also known as rapid links.
connect the paraglider lines to the harness and/or paramotor
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The straight piping attached to the bottom of tub faucet bodies to raise the faucet higher above the rim of the bathtub. The Strom Plumbing Deck-Mounted Tub Faucet with 6" Risers is an example of a clawfoot bathtub faucet with risers.
The flow channels or pipes that distribute the heat transfer liquid across the face of an absorber.
the physical link between the seabed and the topside of offshore installations, for production, gas lift or water injection purposes. Risers can be either rigid or flexible and are critical components of these types of installations.
Risers are rectangular copper or aluminum bars that connect circuit breakers, fusible switches, and transfer switches with the main system bus. As with bus bars, they are sized and assembled in multiples according to the current they must carry.
Tubes in which steam is generated due to high convection or radiant heat. The water-steam emulsion rises in these tubes toward the steam drum.
Raked staging used at competitions
Platforms of varying heights used together to create a stage.
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Blocking and bracing used in rail cars/trailers.