Definitions for "rip "
Raster Image Processor. The hardware and/or software that translates data from PostScript and other high-level languages into dots or pixels in a printer or imagesetter.
A raster image process or RIP is used to convert the output of a PRE-Press computer system into a format usable by an imagesetter.
raster image processor. A device that translates the instructions for the printing of a page into the actual pattern of dots (i.e., a raster) needed by the printer in order to image the page.
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(Routing Information Protocol) A protocol defined by RFC 1058 that specifies how routers exchange routing table information. With RIP, routers periodically exchange entire tables.
The Routing Information Protocol enables routers to exchange routing tables.
Routing Information Protocol, a distance-vector routing protocol used on many TCP/IP internetworks and IPX networks. The distance vector algorithm uses a fewest-hops routing calculation method.
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Rip is a commandline-based Perl script which rips Compact Disc tracks to either Motion Picture Expert Group Layer 3 files, Ogg Vorbis files, or FLAC files without user intervention between the steps of ripping.
Command-line based ripper of audio CD tracks to either Motion Picture Experts Group Layer 3 files or to Ogg Vorbis files that requires no user intervention between steps of ripping and encoding.
to convert music from a Compact Disc(CD) to an MP3 file.
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Water traveling seaward in a well defined river, usually quite narrow but moving at several knots. Usually quite narrow but moving at several knots. Useful to a surfer, but dangerous to a swimmer.
a strong current or undertow on a beach. Keep away from them.
a stretch of turbulent water in a river or the sea caused by one current flowing into or across another current
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Responsible Interface Party. A qualified provider that can produce real-time, verified reductions in NYCA Load of at least 100 kW, pursuant to the Installed Capacity Special Case Resources Program (SCR) and related NYISO procedures. Rips must be Market Participants.
Responsible Interface Party. An aggregator, authorized by the NYISO, to administer demand response resources under the ICAP/SCR Program
To saw (wood) lengthwise of the grain or fiber.
Cut or nip along the width of grating.
cut (wood) along the grain
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A body of water made rough by the meeting of opposing tides or currents.
Agitation of water caused by the meeting of currents or by a rapid current setting over an irregular bottom. Termed tide rip when a tidal current is involved. See over falls.
A stretch of water in a river, estuary, or tidal channel made rough by waves meeting an opposing current.
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To divide or separate the parts of, by cutting or tearing; to tear or cut open or off; to tear off or out by violence; as, to rip a garment by cutting the stitches; to rip off the skin of a beast; to rip up a floor; -- commonly used with up, open, off.
To get by, or as by, cutting or tearing.
To tear up for search or disclosure, or for alteration; to search to the bottom; to discover; to disclose; -- usually with up.
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A strong current formed by the water that is pushed in by the surf rushing back out to sea via the channels at the side of the sand banks
Fast-moving water in surf zone caused by moving sandbanks.
a strong rush of water
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a 74 kDa serine/threonine protein kinase that can interact with TNF-R1 through adaptor proteins TRADD and TRAFs 1, 2, 3 to induce cell death (National Cancer Institute 2003)
Retrospective Indexing Project. A code which identifies those index records from 133+ periodical titles that pre-date the beginning of Religion Index One (RIO ). The periodical coverage extends backwards for decades and, in some instances, even a century or more. Used as a valid value in the ATLAReligion product code index. See also ANDOVER, ATLAS, ESSCOL, IBRR, MRI, and RDB.
Type of rod movement to impart extra action into a lure, a very fast pull.
Big turn for a spin bowler, especially a legspinner, who can use the whole action of the wrist to impart maximum revolutions on the ball. Shane Warne, consequently, bowls a lot of "rippers"
move precipitously or violently; "The tornado ripped along the coast"
criticize or abuse strongly and violently; "The candidate ripped into his opponent mercilessly"
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requiescat in pace : may he (or she) rest in peace
Relax In Peace
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see aster mage rocessor.
A term applied to a mean, worthless thing or person, as to a scamp, a debauchee, or a prostitute, or a worn-out horse.
Reproductive Immunophynotype.
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Software that has had all the non-essential gubbins removed to reduce its size. Videos and music are always the first casualties.
to steal from others, e.g. rip music or graphics from other programs
A numismatic purchase that is bought substantially below the price for which it can be resold.
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To remove unwanted stitches. Using a small seam ripper, clip the needle thread every fifth stitch, then pull the bobbin thread out. We prefer to think of this as "reverse stitching".
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A cracked or hacked version of a application/game with most of the video, sounds, and junk (Internet Explorer g) taken out. The EXE has often been altered to allow it to run from the hard drive instead of the CD, or other copy-protections have been removed.
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A wicker fish basket.
Regulation of Investigatory Powers (Act)
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If a boy does an extra bad piece of work, his division master may give him a ‘rip’: the boy has the piece of work signed by his House Master and Tutor.
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The ideal entry that creates little splash, named for its ripping sound as the diver enters the water.
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RISC Rise Time/Fall Time
a dissolute man in fashionable society
Coin dealer slang for a coin which was purchased below the market wholesale price and is easily resalable to one or more coin dealers for a good profit.
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Tool used for hedging, (bill hook).
Rest in Proportion. an instruction when giving sizes to artwork or photographs that other parts of the artwork are to be enlarged or reduced in proportion.
Request In Progress message
Resources In Progress
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Car in need of repair.
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Click here for details.
Abbreviation for: restricted instrument procedure Fr: RIP
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Range Improvement Plan
Regional Improvement Program
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Report of Individual Person