Definitions for "Rings"
circular excavations in the shaft in which is collected the water trickling down the sides.
Some pump cylinders rely on leather or nitrile rubber rings instead of cup leathers to create suction within the cylinder when the plunger is moved up.
These are metal bands that encircle the piston with multiple functions of keeping the compression chamber pressure out of the crankcase, providing a good enough seal to generate compression, and oiling the cylinder wall to keep down wear of the piston and cylinder.
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A series of rings surrounding Saturn, composed of dust and solid fragments and distributed in the equatorial plane of the planet at several distances. The rings are just a few hundred meters high and can not collapse into a satellite, because they are located inside the Roche limit.
Many planets are orbited by rings of rock, ice and/or dust. Saturn, Jupiter, Uranus, and Neptune have rings. Planet Roche Limit (km) Roche Limit (miles) Earth 18,470 11,470 Jupiter 175,000 108,000 Saturn 147,000 92,000 Uranus 62,000 39,000 Neptune 59,000 37,000
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Trading arenas located on floors of exchanges.
Trading arenas located on the floor of an exchange in which traders execute orders. Sometimes called a pit.
Trading arenas, located on the floor of an exchange, in which traders execute orders. Rings are also referred to as pits.
The circles towards which play is directed.
gymnastic apparatus consisting of a pair of heavy metal circles (usually covered with leather) suspended by ropes; used for gymnastic exercises; "the rings require a strong upper body"
The circles that make up the house.
As you know from the story, the lord often gave gifts to his warriors at feasts. As well as weapons and armour, he might give rings like these: or this Or brooches: These might have been used for fastening a cloak. Back
To mount the head on the djembe three metal rings are used, one on the base of the bowl and the second and third around the rim. In order to fasten the skin, it is passed under and over the external side of the lower top ring, and then under the internal side of the upper top ring. The single lower ring is then fastened to the upper top ring using rope.
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Roll's Critique Ross Stephen
Used for hanging drapery panels on rods and poles.
Used to secure a grommet curtain to a pole in order to slide the curtain back and forth.
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Rings is a 2005 American horror short film. It was initially released as an extra disc with a re-release of The Ring on DVD. The events in Rings lead up to the sequel The Ring Two, on whose DVD Rings is also included as a bonus feature .
The International Brotherhood of Magicians has a number of local clubs, located throughout the world, known as Rings. Each Ring is (was) numbered in sequence, based on when that respective Ring received its charter from the IBM.
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Tabby tail and leg markings.
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Rank designation on officer’s cuff.
in either alphabetical or logical context
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Body divisions or segments.
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See "Show Rings"