Definitions for "Right of way"
A right to pass over or to cross a parcel of land.
The right to pass over land owned by another. Also, a strip of land used for a street or railway.
In short track skating, the lead skater has the right of way and the passing skater is responsible for avoiding body contact. In long track skating, the skater who starts in the outside lane has the right of way at the crossover if they arrive at the same time, but otherwise the skater in the lead has the right of way.
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The priority gained by: 1) attacking first, 2) establishing a point in line that threatens the opponents valid target, 3) taking the blade by beating or parrying. Even if both fencers hit a valid target, only the fencer with right of way scores a point.
In foil and sabre competition, a convention that determines the priority of touches. Essentially, when two fencers strike one another simultaneously, priority is given to the fencer who first signaled attack with a forward movement of the arm, directing the point of the blade toward a valid target area in a threatening manner.
see priority
The system defined to maintain order and prevent chaos out there! Right-hand-forward riders typically have right of way rights. All other riders and vessels should yield. But don't expect some weekender with a cooler of beer in his cigarette boat to know this. Steer clear of Crockett and Tubbs, and any other dangers.
The legal authority for one boat to hold its direction while another gives way. In general, any boat on starboard tack has the right of way. Boats under sail always have right of way over boat under motor power.
a privilege which an individual or a particular description of persons, such as the inhabitants of a particular place, or the owners or occupiers of such place may have, of going over another person's ground
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a good example of such encumbrance
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a path that anyone has the legal right to use on foot, and sometimes using other modes of transport
The right to maintain a course according to the Rules of Navigation
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This refers to an area, which can allow public access.